Energy Wise Real Estate Solutions

If you could:

  • Receive $5-25K in upgrades (for example, new Energy Star appliances,new or upgraded HVAC, water heater, ceiling fans, window shades, energy efficient lighting, trees and more),
  • Receive cash rebates that may help pay your moving expenses,
  • Receive special tax credits,
  • Lower your monthly electric bills,
  • Live in a more comfortable, healthier and safer home,
Wouldn't you want to know how? 

What if, along with all that, your home's value increased by at least 10% before you ever moved in?

Still not convinced?  What if you got all these benefits and it didn't cost you a dime out of pocket?  Well, now you are probably saying we need to talk.  I will be happy to discuss all of the possibilities for your home search that will achieve all of this.

The price of a home is not just what it costs to purchase (PITI-Prinicipal + Interest+ Taxes + Insurance), but it is also what it costs to run and maintain the house.  The second largest housing expense after a mortgage is the electric bill.  So, I like my clients to understand it's now PITIE..Principal + Interest+ Taxes + Insurance + Energy.

If you are looking for a home and want to learn more about how you can get all the advantages listed above, Please let me know how!  Please fill out the form below and I will be happy to discuss it with you further.

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