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Have you considered an energy audit?

Have you considered an energy audit for your home. If not, here are some reasons to do so.

Energy Audits and improvements make you eligible for big rebates with APS and SRP!

Saving on your utility bills helps Increase Cash Flow - Save 15-30% annually compared to other homes. In the Phoenix / Scottsdale / Mesa area this equates to approximately $30 - $50 per month or $360 - $600 annually.

Some improvements not only save you energy, but improve comfort and reduce the amount of dust carried in by outside air.

Home Energy Ratings can Increase Purchasing Power! - and help streamline the process of making a home eligible for an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM). Purchasing an energy efficient home allows lenders to increase a borrower's income by an amount equal to energy savings in the thousands.

Reduce Maintenance Costs - Increase the life expectancy of HVAC equipment.

Reduce Upgrade Costs - If you are considering an investment in SOLAR ENERGY or WIND ENERGY - you need to get your home audited first to figure out how to maximize your investment, and minimize your initial cash outlay for your new energy system. This can save thousands. Solar can save on your bills, but if your home is otherwise inefficient you are still wasting energy and money.

Increase Resale Value - Energy efficient homes have higher appeal & resale value.

APS and SRP currently subsidize the cost of home energy audits. An audit is only $99, but the knowledge might be worth a lot more.(plus you get free bulbs and other energy saving gifts). If you would like info on an energy audit company, please feel free to contact me.


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