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Still affordable out there!


First, we want to apologize if you have had any difficulty with our site, specifically the property search.  We are working with our web host to remedy that and other issues with the site.  We want to provide the best possible tools for you and we are sorry that they are temporarily not the best.


On a better note, we are working with a couple of clients right now that we have found some great affordable properties.  We located a 1700 s.f. condo property in north central Phoenix area for under $130K.  It was very nice with new carpet, 16" tile and more.  Just keep in mind that most properties are going very quickly so you have to be ready and on your toes. We want to help you with that. 


We have another prospective client looking for a newer condo unit in N. Phoenix.  Wow, there are still quite a few available for under $300K ( and even under $250K).


Come on out and view our listing at 32954 Cherry Creek in Queen Creek.  We will be holding an open house on Saturday June 4, from approx. 10-3.  Check the listing for a map.


We love Craig's list.  What an awesome site!


Ciao for now.


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