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So much to do in the Valley of the Sun!

The Super Bowl is only a week and a half away and the Valley of the Sun will be getting plenty of visitors. We just finished the big auto auctions and the Rock n Roll marathon, the Pro Bowl is this weekend and The Phoenix Open will be the following weekend, culminating on Sunday, the same day as the Super Bowl.

If visitors are coming just to attend these events they are missing out on so much more!
The Phoenix/Scottsdale metro area has so much more to offer, from museums to fine dining, plenty of golf and many other activities. For those looking to get out and enjoy our fabulous winter desert weather there are many mountain trails to enjoy throughout the valley. I have blogged about these before. Yesterday I hiked Pinnacle Peak, as I typically do 2-3 times a week. It’s great exercise and the sites are beautiful. Yesterday I heard a few different languages (including a tour group from Germany) on the trail showing what a draw Scottsdale is to people across the globe.

This past Monday I hiked the trail for Tom’s Thumb. It is a challenging trek if you are not used to it. But it offers fantastic views of so much of the valley. Depending on where you are on the trail you can overlook the entirety of Scottsdale and Phoenix, look northeast toward Bartlett Dam, north to Carefree and even see the Fountain in Fountain Hills. But close up may be even better. The rock formations and terrain make it all worth it.

So come for the events, but don’t cheat yourself by only attending the event. Get out and enjoy. And of course, you might find that it’s worth staying. If that is the case, we should talk. Adam Tarr PC, Realtor-Associate Broker.


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