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I love feedback


I usually blog about things that will help my clients and any home seller or buyer.  This time, I am passing on a comment from a client, who is a Realtor in British Columbia. I just love when I hear about happy clients!

Hi Adam,

I hope you are well.
I just wanted to let you know that I visited Gary and Sisley W. last week. They told me a story where they met some people at the local school (Vancouver area) and they started talking about Phoenix real estate. Gary and Sisley mentioned you, and it turned out the other people knew you as well! And the other people said they were just talking to some other people who knew you as well. We thought "wow what a small world" but it goes to show that you have quite a reputation up here! 
Gary and Sisley and I were indeed impressed!
Talk with you soon,
Thanks Dave.  I love hearing it! 


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