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High Street lands Sprouts HQ

When the real estate market crashed, many residential an commercial projects went under.  This included the CityNorth project in Desert Ridge.  CityNorth was a highly touted and ambitious multipuse project that was to include high end retail including Bloomingdales, hotels, residential office and retail.  It's first phase was completed before the downturn.  But that downturn brought the bankruptcy of the project.  It has since been bought out and renamed High Street, for the main street in the project.  Construction has started on a new parking garage and the project has renewed life.  

This past week, the landing of a major tenant helps that recovery.  Sprouts has announced they will be moving their headquarters to High Street.  For more details about the move and High Street, check out this article in the Phoenix Business Journal. 

Desert Ridge is a great place to live and a premier community in Phoenix.  For more on Desert Ridge, check out the Desert Ridge page of my website,

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