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Does paint matter when buying or selling a home?

Does paint matter when buying or selling a home?  Well, no and yes.  There is a plethora of TV shows on HGTV, DIY and other channels.  Anyone who watches these has seen reactions, good and bad, right or wrong, regarding paint. I don't regularly watch these shows, but have seen them every so often.  I am constantly amazed at reactions, especially from some of the real estate agents.  

Let's look at this from the buyer's view.  What are you looking for in a home?  That is one of the first questions I ask.  The answers lead me to other questions to really focus in on what will make a house a home for any client.  Never has someone said I want a house with blue walls ( or any specific color).  So, why be turned off by the color someone else has painted.  

When I start showing my clients homes, I tell them to look at the layout of the home, the flow and whether they could see that layout fitting what they expect their lifestyle to be in the home.  I say to look beyond the paint colors and even flooring.  Why?  Paint is the easiest and least expensive fix to decor issues.  If the home "fits", don't turn it down because the wall colors don't meet your tastes.  

If you really can't picture what the house will look like with colors that fit your personal pallette, then there is a way to envision your colors while you are looking at the house.  There are various mobile apps that will let you place the colors you like on a picture of the room.  TapPainter is good one available for apple products and there are many other apps for android and apple, including some from paint manufacturers and home improvement stores.

I have been in real estate for 19 years and it is fairly easy for me to envision what a room will look like when it is only framed.  Most people can't see that, and these apps will definitely help you if you really want to see a home for what you want.

If you would like assistance from a Realtor that understands that not everyone sees things the same way, please contact me.  

Adam Tarr PC
Citywide Real Estate
Phoenix, AZ


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