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Do you judge a book by it's cover?

Do you judge a book by it's cover?  It is an old adage, and it really applies to real estate.  The cover in this case is it's curb appeal.    I visit many homes in my business, and they have varied from completely trashed to exquisite properties.  The normal properties (not trashed) still run the gamut when it comes to curb appeal.

I distribute a newsletter in my community, and I do it by hand (it's good excercise!).  So I see a whole bunch of similar homes in a short period of time.  Now I know that people living their everyday lives don't think about how their home will appeal to others.  But when it comes time to sell, many would have a lot of work to make them marketable.  So, here are some of the things to consider to dress up the curb appeal of your home.

The first thing anyone will notice as they approach is the landscape.  It doesn't need to be ready for Better Homes and Gardens, but it should be neat, clean and trim.  Many trees drop leaves, seeds and other crud that makes the landscape rock prevalent in our are look awful.  Whether you hire a landscape maintenance company  or do it yourself, take a blower to your yard and get the debris out of the rocks.  I see some homes where it is obvious that this is never done.  You might consider making a small investment in some additional rock to freshen what is there and fill any bare spots.  Trim trees that overpower the front facade of the home.  Keep walkways clear of branches, and provide some reasonable shape to shrubs.

Passing the landscape the home is the next  obvious aspect.  Many new home owners know there are basic maintenance items that need regular attention, but they don't think about the bigger items.  No matter where you live in the country, you should expect to have to repaint your home every 10-15 years.  Sun and rain degrade paint and you home will look worn.  A fresh coat of paint will show that you take care of your home and make a prospective buyer aware of that.  Exterior paint can range from $2-5K for most average homes.  It is an investment that will help reduce selling time and increase selling price.

If your overall paint looks good, it can still be a real turn off to come to a front door that has seen better times.  Scratches from kids, dogs, groceries or anything else might give an impression of a home that is not maintained.  A fresh coat of paint on a front door will welcome your prospective buyer and set the stage for the interior.

All of these items get the buyer ready for seeing the inside of your home.  If they walk up to the home and feel that it needs work, you can bet they will look extra hard at how well the inside is maintained because they already have doubts.  In fact, I have had clients not even want to see the interior because they were turned off by the exterior.  Welcome them with great curb appeal and it sets the right tone.

My clients appreciate all that I do for them, including advice and guidance on the marketing of their homes, or for buyers, what to look for beyond the basics.  If that appeals to you, then we should talk about your next move.  Please feel free to contact me at 480-236-7374

Adam Tarr PC
Citywide Real Estate
Phoenix, AZ 


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